Quiet Hair Clippers For Toddlers and Kids

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Best quiet hair clippers for kids and toddlers

Trying to find the best quiet hair clippers for toddlers and kids is not an easy job.

The difference between trying to cut your child’s hair with quiet hair clippers versus a noisy, vibrating pair, is like comparing a relaxing massage with a roller coaster ride!

If you’ve had a similar experience, I expect you’re smiling in agreement right now.

My first memories of hair cuts at our local barbers are filled with complete fear.

My poor Mom – she can probably still hear the screams now!

As soon as I was placed into the barber’s chair – in the booster seat, I knew bad things were about to happen.

The machine of ‘noise and pain’ would cause me to scream the place down.

Even switching to scissors didn’t help, and no amount of reassurance or candy would make the experience any less traumatic.

Quiet hair clippers just weren’t an option back in the day.

Even now, kids and toddlers either don’t mind the loud-sounding and vibrating clipper, or they go ‘bat-shit crazy’!

There’s no such thing as silent hair clippers, even scissors make a noise.

Luckily there are some excellent hair clippers on the market, ideally suited for toddlers, kids, and babies.

In a hurry?

Here are my top picks of super quiet hair clippers..

Top Pick: ENSSU Quieter Baby Hair Clippers

The ENSSU Quiet Baby Hair Clippers have one of the lowest decibel ratings of all the quiet hair clippers on the market.

It doesn’t matter how good the clipper cuts your child’s hair, if it’s too noisy, it ain’t gunna happen.

Running at just 48 decibels, the motor’s hum is about as quiet as you’re going to get with a clipper.

The cutting blades are ceramic, which is more hygienic than stainless steel, and have an R-shaped design, which prevents any cuts or nicks to the skin.

Like all the top, quiet hair clippers, the ENSSU is waterproof, cordless, and rechargeable. It will run for 60mins on a full charge.

It comes with 2 guide combs – 3-6mm and 9-12mm, a cape, some oil, and a cleaning brush.


  • Super quiet
  • Completely safe – no chance of cuts or nicks to the skin
  • Good cutting blade – can cut thicker hair
  • 50 day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Can be charged via a USB cable


  • Only 2 cutting sizes
  • You’ll need to purchase more oil

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Baistom Baby Hair Clippers

The Baistom Quiet Hair Trimmer is up there as another top choice, quiet clipper.

Just like the ENSSU, it has a working sound of approx 50 decibels, it is waterproof, comes with 3 guide combs (5 lengths), lubricant oil, and a few other accessories.

The blade is ceramic and has 28 cutting teeth, so will cut a larger area of hair.

It can run for approx 50 minutes after a 5-hour charge and is charged using a USB cable – supplied.

The price is fairly similar to the ENSSU, and overall there’s not a great deal to choose between them.

Bololo Baby Hair Clippers

The Bololo Baby Hair Clippers claims to omit just 42 decibels of noise, which is very impressive and up there with the leading kid’s quiet clipper.

It is waterproof – so easy to rinse clean, cordless, rechargeable with a USB connection, and has a safe, ceramic R-shaped rounded edge design blade.

Along with the other basic accessories, I particularly like the fact it comes with a handy storage case to keep everything in.

You also get 3 guide combs, a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and a nylon cape.

Quiet Clippers For Autistic or Special Needs Children

If you have an autistic/special needs child, or they have a sensory processing disorder, you may well face a serious challenge cutting their hair with clippers.

Such children or young adults might be able to tolerate a quiet clipper, even more so if it has little to zero vibration.

Hair clippers will never run completely silent, but my recommendations come pretty close.

Tips for a Successful, Stress-Free Hair Cut

Understanding what your child is sensitive to can take a lot of time and patience. You will learn what you can and can’t do once you start cutting their hair.

Here are a few ideas and tips to keeping it as stress-free as possible:

  • Take plenty of breaks. Be prepared to space the hair cut over the course of a day or weekend.
  • Incorporate distraction techniques.
  • Try earbuds, and play some of their favorite songs or tv shows. This can work wonders!
  • Get them to simulate cutting a doll’s hair – perhaps using the same clippers.
  • Make it fun!

Still Can’t Use Clippers?

Perhaps the answer is to try something different, like sensory hair clippers.

If even the faintest sound or sight of clippers can be too much for a child.

If you can’t use even the quietest of clippers, you may want to consider an alternative, such as the Calming Clipper.

Calming Clipper

The Calming Clipper is a brand, designed to serve Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Communities.

It’s not a hair clipper, rather a pair of specially designed scissors with 7 guide combs, to cut lengths from 1/2 inch to 1 inch.

They are basically, silent hair clippers for Autism, and possibly the best quiet hair clippers for an Autistic child you’ll find. 

You simply attached the guide comb to the scissors and use them as you would a hair clipper, except you do the cutting.

It’s actually a very clever design that seems to work for a lot of parents with autistic children or children with SPD.

Here’s a really great video of a Mom using the Calming Clipper to cut her son’s hair, who has Down Syndrome..

It’s got to be worth a try.

Personally, I think it’s a neat cutting tool and a great solution if even the quietest clipper is too noisy or stressful.

Buying Guide For Quiet Hair Clippers

Noise levels

Naturally, you want a silent or very quiet clipper. Check the specs to see what decibels the clipper is rated at. Most of the top quiet clippers have a decibel rating of around 50Db.

Cutting Ability

If a hair clipper snags or pulls at hair, then noise levels will be the least of your worries. Your clippers will be made of stainless steel and/or ceramic. These materials are best suited for any clipper.

Look for a clipper with some sort of blade protection, which helps prevent any accidental cuts or nicks to the skin.


Established brands are always worth considering first, as they usually have a good reputation and customer service.

Check the reviews on Amazon. You often glean the best information from people that have had already bought and tested the clippers you’re interested in.

Running Time

Most clippers run for about an hour on a full charge. However, some clippers can take up to 12 hours to charge.

Charging Options

It’s a bonus to have a few options for charging your quiet hair clipper.

The motor in these machines isn’t as powerful as you’d get in a regular clipper, so you should be able to charge them using a USB cable as well as a mains plug.


Different length blade guards, clipper oil, cleaning brush, and cape, are the standard accessories that should come with your clipper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I charge my clipper overseas on a 220v?

A. Only if the clipper comes with a USB charger or it specifically states 110v or 220v. You can charge with a phone charger or laptop.

Q. Can I use it to cut an adult’s hair?

A. As most motors in these quiet clippers are less powerful, I wouldn’t recommend using them on adults’ hair, especially thick or coarse hair. They’ll more than likely become clogged and snag the hair.

Q. Can you use kid’s hair clippers for tapering/fading? 

A. Yes, if there are supplied guide combs and you know what you’re doing.

Q. Can I use these quiet clippers for my cat and dog?

A. Yes. Some pets are very frightened of clipper noise, so these low noise clippers are a good alternative. Just be careful to keep clearing the cutting blade of hair. Also, don’t use the same clipper on a child’s hair.

Final Thoughts / Summary

There are lots of quiet hair clippers for babies, toddlers, and kids or for children or adults that can’t tolerate noise or vibrations around their head.

There isn’t too much difference between the top picks, as they all have a similar spec.

On the whole, these clippers are much quieter than regular barber clippers, and judging by the reviews on Amazon, they are usually tolerated by most individuals.

If the quietest of clippers is still an issue, the Calming Clipper is an excellent alternative.


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