Philips OneBlade Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

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Rating: 9.2/10

Philips OneBlade with attached blade

Review Summary

The Philips OneBlade is a complete all-rounder that deserves a place in your bathroom cabinet. Without question it is my most used grooming product.

It is a beard trimmer, a shaver, a body groomer.

You can shave your balls in the shower with it.

You can shave your eyebrows and trim your ear and nose hairs with it.

It is great for edging and for precision work.

You can shave any part of your skin without causing a rash or nicking the skin – it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin.

For the money, this is one grooming tool, every man should own.

Pros & Cons of the OneBlade


  • All-in-one shaver, edger and beard trimmer
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Cordless operation
  • Showerproof
  • Light-weight
  • Works well as a shaver – wet or dry


  • Small cutting head – takes longer to shave
  • No stand or storage case
  • Replacement blades not cheap

In a hurry?

There are currently 3 versions of the OneBlade on the market:

  1. ‘OneBlade’ for your face
  2. ‘OneBlade Face + Body’ for your face and body
  3. ‘OneBlade Pro’, which includes a dedicated beard trimming attachment

The OneBlade was designed to “trim, edge, and shave any length of hair”.

Despite dozens of similar products on the market that will achieve the same results, the OneBlade has something different to offer and is willing to compete for our bathroom cabinet space.

It’s been termed as ‘revolutionary’ which as marketing companies always do – is wildly exaggerated.

It’s certainly different in many ways and (as you’ll discover in my full review below) is a great addition to our grooming setup.

I’ve been using the OneBlade for a few months over 18 months now, and I get why it has become so popular.

Incidentally, my wife has also taken a shine to it, and I can see myself having to purchase another one for her!

Building on the success of the original OneBlade, Philips launched 2 other trimmers (still using the same one-blade technology) which are also worth considering.

This is my review of all 3 versions.

1. Philips OneBlade – For Face

Stubble Trimmer and Shaver

The idea behind the OneBlade is that it can be used for all aspects of face shaving, beard trimming, and edging.

It uses a rechargeable battery to power the unit, which is charged up at a shaving point.

I was very surprised at how this good-looking, lightweight trimmer/shaver performed.


Dual Blade Technology

Naturally, the blade is the big selling point to this product.

It cuts at a rate of 200 times per second. That’s pretty incredible for the size and power of the motor.

The blade is protected on all sides, plus front and back. So there’s little chance of getting any nicks.

I’ve not had any nicks yet, so all good on that account.

The blade comes as part of the cutting head. Simply attach the cutting head onto the unit and you’re good to go.

Philips OneBlade Cuting Head

The cutting head comes in a sealed package, which I like  – keeps it nice and hygienic until you need it.

According to Philips, the OneBlade will last for up to 4 months, based on 2 full shaves a week.

This will obviously depend on how thick/coarse your facial hair is.


Just being able to clean it under a running tap is a useful feature. It makes cleaning up those tiny hairs so much easier.

I’ve not used it in the shower, so can’t vouch for how shower/waterproof it actually is.

Philips says it is not waterproof.

However, I’ve read reviews from people using it in the shower without any problems.

The handle is waterproof but I expect where you connect the cutting head into the handle won’t be fully watertight.

OneBlade and Handle

I think if you keep it from being totally submerged in water you should be okay.

Update: It is showerproof. I’ve been using it regularly in the shower to shave my chest and balls and have had no problems with it.

Cordless Operation

The OneBlade is used cordless, which gives you a lot of freedom of movement and precision.

It comes with a 2-pin plug that connects to your bathroom shaving socket.

There’s a small green led light that comes on when it’s charging.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it when the charging cord is attached.

Battery Life

The basic OneBlade Face model uses a standard nickel-metal hydride (NimH) rechargeable battery.

It takes about 8 hours to fully charge and will last approx 45 minutes.

It is recommended you charge the unit up for 24 hours before you use it for the first time.

I’ve been keeping mine plugged in at the shaving point in the bathroom and charging it up after a weeks’ use.

So far, not experienced any lag or slowing of the cutting blade.

Shaving Experience

Ideal For Sensitive Skin

I had my doubts as to the effectiveness of the OneBlade as a shaver.

Boy was I wrong!

It works really, really well as a shaver.

Don’t get me wrong, it can’t get as close as a safety razor, but it does a good enough job that you wouldn’t really notice.

The best aspect of the OneBlade ‘as a shaver’ is being able to use it with water, with shaving foam/cream, or as a dry shave.

That may sound gimmicky, but it does work equally well, wet or dry.

No More Shaving Rash

I nearly always get a shaving rash around my neck, and because of that, I don’t shave there as close as it needs.

Shaving ‘dry’ with the OneBlade gives me NO RASH whatsoever!

If I’m honest, there’s very little difference between shaving with cream or dry.

It’s a little quicker with cream, and the cream hydrates your skin, but it’s not a ‘must have’ like it is with a safety razor.

I’ve got mildly sensitive skin, so this makes for a much more pleasant experience and a better-looking end product.

If your skin is similar to mine (and a lot of men’s skin is) or has particularly sensitive skin, this may be a game-changer for you.

After a few weeks of shaving (I shave every 3 days) I’m very impressed with the results.

Shave Against The Grain

The protection you have from the steel blade means you can (and should) shave against the grain of your hairs.

This will help give you as close a shave as possible.

As with a normal safety razor, use gentle pressure and long strokes.

It Takes Longer To Shave

Other than not shaving quite as close as a safety razor, the only other downside is the length of time it takes for a full shave.

The blade is quite small compared to a safety razor, plus there’s only 1 blade compared to the 5-blade set-up you get now.

So you’ll you need to use more strokes to do the job.

However, this is a trade-off I’m happy to accept for a rash-free shave.

OneBlade As A Beard Trimmer

Although I like to be clean-shaven for work, every now and again I like to sport a week-old stubble look.

The OneBlade comes with 3 click-on guide combs – 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm or 3/64″, 1/8″, 3/16″.

Although not of particularly robust construction, the guards work fine.

I like the fact they are easy to remove so you can use the blade to do your edging once you’ve trimmed your beard.

Anything longer than facial stubble or a short beard, I wouldn’t recommend the OneBlade.

Your beard deserves more respect than a hybrid shaver/trimmer (even as good as the OneBlade is).

There are some excellent beard trimmers that will do the job much better such as the awesome Panasonic ER-SB40-K.

For on-the-spot beard/stubble maintenance, the OneBlade does a decent job.

What Is In The Box?

OneBlade New and Boxed

Philips OneBlade Unboxed-1

The OneBlade comes shipped in a basic cardboard box.

I hate excessive plastic, so am pleased Philips is using mostly recyclable materials.

Here’s what you get:

  • OneBlade unit/handle
  • Cutting blade and 1 extra blade
  • Blade protector
  • Charging unit with 2 pin plug
  • 3 guide combs
  • Warranty
  • Instruction manual

Pros And Cons


  • All-in-one shaver, edger and beard trimmer
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Cordless operation
  • Showerproof
  • Light-weight
  • Works well as a shaver – wet or dry


  • Small cutting head – takes longer to shave
  • No stand or storage case
  • Replacement blades not cheap

Philips OneBlade Face on Amazon

Verdict On OneBlade Face

Easy. I love the OneBlade.

I’ve been using it for a few months now and it’s so versatile in what it can do.

I use it to trim in and around my ears, my sideburns, my eyebrows, to edge my stubble, for those delicate areas around your mouth and lips, under my nose, my neck to prevent skin rash, the hairs on my shoulders and upper back, the back of my neck, chest, and groin area.

I even shave with it!

Shaving these places with a regular safety razor would often result in cuts, rashes, and blood.

The OneBlade just gives you so much more confidence due to the protection it gives from the cutting blade.

My look is now a lot sharper with less visible hair growing from unwanted places.

2. Philips OneBlade Face + Body

The OneBlade Face + Body model is an upgrade to the original OneBlade.


The features of the OneBlade Face + Body are very similar to the OneBlade, but with a couple of useful additions.

For the extra cost, you get a slightly different color scheme, an upgraded lithium-ion rechargeable battery, an additional 3mm guide comb (stubble comb), and a body trimming comb.

You also get a skin guard for sensitive areas – i.e your balls and armpits.

You also get 1 blade for your face and one for your body.

This made me laugh. You just get 2 identical blades as you do with the OneBlade Face.

Philips recommends you use one on your body and one on your face.

Who would have thought? Genius!

Should You Upgrade?

I actually believe the Face + Body model is the better option of the two.

You get a more powerful battery which reduces the charging time by half (4 hours instead of 8 hours), and a longer run-time – now 60 minutes instead of 45 minutes.

You also get an extra guide comb for your beard, a body blade and trimming comb, and a skin protector for shaving your balls or your armpits.

Verdict On The OneBlade Face + Body

The difference in price between the OneBlade and the OneBlade Face + Body isn’t massive, so I would certainly opt for the OneBlade Face + Body, just so you’ve got those extra options to use and a better battery/run-time.

If you also want to shave your chest and groin area, without getting any nicks or rashes, this is, without doubt, the best shaver/trimmer I’ve used.

3. Philips OneBlade Pro

In my humble opinion, the OneBlade Pro is a different grooming tool altogether.

Philips has basically used the success of the OneBlade and OneBlade Face + Body to create a ‘not-so-great beard trimmer’.

Having said all that, it’s still an excellent shaver!


Superior Battery

The OneBlade Pro does offer a more powerful battery than the OneBlade and the OneBlade Face + Body.

Now you get 90 minutes of use with just a 1 hour charge time. Plus you get to see how much charge you have with a digital display.


It has a more executive, all-silver look and incorporates a stand to store it in.

Dial Trimmer Comb

The big difference between the Pro version v the other two models is the addition of a dialed, 12-length trimmer comb.

It is designed to cut hair from 0.5 mm up to 10 mm.

It’s trying to compete with beard trimmers of a similar price-point but unfortunately falls short in this area.

The cutting head simply isn’t large enough and the motor not strong enough to deliver equivalent cutting power.

For stubble or a short beard it’s a good option – but for anything longer, stick with a dedicated beard trimmer.

Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons of the OneBlade Pro


  • Supperior lith-ion battery
  • 90 mins run-time / 1 hour charge
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Charging indicator and digital display
  • Stand
  • Designed to trim beards up to 10 mm


  • No storage case
  • Not as effective as similar priced beard trimmers
  • Not as versatile as the OneBlade Face + Body

Verdict On The OneBlade Pro

Whilst I like the upgraded battery, the handy stand, and the LED digital display battery indicator, I’m not a big fan of the beard trimmer dial.

As a beard trimmer, it’s simply not robust or powerful enough.

I also prefer the accessories that come with the OneBlade Face + Body.


Q. Can I use the OneBlade to shave my bald head?

A. Absolutely. So many people have bought the OneBlade specifically to shave their heads.
It cuts extremely close to the skin without any rash or nicks. For bald head-shaving, the OneBlade is right up there with Wahls’ Balding Clipper.

Q. Can I use it to shave my balls?

A. Yes you can – including your ‘old man’. (although Philips recommend not)
The protected blade will keep your junk from getting sliced up. Just make sure you go slow and use the face of the blade.
It also helps prevent skin rash down there.

Q. Can I use the OneBlade for travel overseas with different voltages?

A. Yes. You can charge the OneBlade overseas as long as the voltage of the outlet you’re plugging into doesn’t exceed 240V.
The OneBlade can plug into a 100-240V socket. US and Canada are 110V, Europe and most of the rest of the world are 220V.

Q. Is the OneBlade suitable for women?

A. Absolutely. I can say that with 100% confidence as my wife has procured my original OneBlade for herself, forcing me to buy the OneBlade Face + Body (which I was going to anyway).
She says it is better on her skin than her lady shavers and so much easier to use and clean.

Q. Do I need to oil the cutting blade?

A. No, there’s no need to oil the OneBlade.
Unlike conventional clippers/trimmers, there’s no friction between a base plate and the cutting blade.

Q. How Loud is the OneBlade?

A. It is quite loud, so be careful if you intend to use it before anyone else wakes up!
I recorded a quick 20-second video to let you hear it:


There are plenty of accessories for the OneBlade models, and I especially like the storage case:

Storage Case

A storage/travel case provides a nice place to keep all the bits.

Replacement Blades

Guide Combs

MANSCAPED Hygiene Bundle

I’ve included the MANSCAPED bundle for those who are looking for a shaver for their balls and pubic hair.

MANSCAPED has a great fragrance range to finish off your manscaping routine.

Now you can smell and feel as good as you look down below!

Philips Oneblade Vs Gillette Styler

There’s a significant difference between the OneBlade and the Gillette Styler, and that is the blade.

OneBlade has a micro-thin, protective film over the cutting blade.

It is this film that helps protect your skin from nicks and rashes.

The Gillette Styler is a battery-operated safety razor that sends ‘pulses’ to the blade – I’m not quite sure how effective that actually is.

Gillette All Purpose Styler: Beard Trimmer, Fusion Razor & Edger for Men

It still has the same outcome as a safety razor, just a little smoother and quicker.

With the Styler, you get: 1 blade, 3 guide combs (2mm, 4mm, 6mm), 1 AA battery, and a stand.

It is also waterproof and comes in cheaper than the OneBlade.

Like the OneBlade, the Gillette Styler is a decent tool to trim short beards and stubble.

You have a lot more precision and flexibility with these smaller products.

However, the Styler doesn’t offer protection from rashes and nicks – especially important if you want a trimmer for your balls.

The delicate area around your mouth, ears, and under your nose are also protected by the OneBlade but not the Styler.

If you have sensitive skin, the OneBlade is by far the better choice.

Philips OneBlade v Remington Durablade

Like anything successful, other companies will try to cash in and come up with their own alternative version.

The Remington Durablade is Remington’s version of the OneBlade.

Just like the Philips OneBlade, The Durablade does a pretty good job as a shaver and body groomer.

You get 3 clip-on guide combs (1mm to 4mm), a USB charger, and 1 cutting head/blade.

Going by reviews, it seems the Durablade doesn’t cut/shave as well as the OneBlade.

Like the OneBlade, it has a protective edge around the blade to prevent nicks, cuts, and shaving rashes.

5-Year Blade Life

The big selling point to the Durablade is the 5-year blade guarantee.

Due to the ultra-tough steel it uses, Remington guarantees you’ll not need to replace the blade for 5 years.

That’s a pretty bold claim and something that will appeal to a lot of people.

It’s a pain having to remember when you need to replace your blades, so this feature gets a thumbs-up in my book.

Good Body Trimmer

The Durablade is also very adept at shaving your chest and junk. It doesn’t nick or causes a skin rash.

Again, according to reviews, it’s on a par with the Oneblade in this respect.

Overall I would say they were very similar products that do a similar job.

The OneBlade gets the nod because of its superior shaving ability and all-around protection from nicks.

I’m not a fan of the USB charger the Durablade uses either. I like having the OneBlade sat in my bathroom ready to charge when needed.

Final Thoughts

The OneBlade is a brilliant new concept for shaving, trimming, and edging.

It cuts almost as close as a safety razor whilst being skin-sensitive friendly.

No more nicks, cuts, or rashes.

Out of the 3 models, my recommended choice is the OneBlade Face + Body.

It offers a superior battery, decent run-time, and a couple of useful accessories.

For a mid to long beard, I would stick with a dedicated beard trimmer such as the excellent Panasonic ER-SB40-K.

Even if you already own a grooming tool, the OneBlade has a place in your manscaping arsenal.

For sensitive skin and to prevent rashes and nicks, precision edging/trimming, and for trimming your junk, the OneBlade is a game-changer.

I wouldn’t be without one now.. incidentally, nor would my wife!


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