Oster Classic 76 Blades

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If you own or are about to purchase the Oster Classic 76 hair clipper, then will know it comes with 2 sizes of blades as standard – Size #000 and #1.

These are probably the two most often used sizes.

However, Oster also has blades in 12 other sizes including a texturing and a flat-top blade.

Unlike many other hair clippers, the Oster 76 gives you 2 options if you want to cut hair at different lengths or styles.

Option 1 is to keep the blades you already have and buy a set of comb guides. These guides snap securely into place and enable different lengths of cut.

Option 2 is to buy other size blades.

It really depends on how often you intend to vary the length of hair cuts (i.e. a frequent user such as a professional barber) and/or what your budget is.

Comb guides for the Oster 76 work perfectly well, and I would recommend you stick with these if you only intend to cut your hair or someone else’s occasionally.

If you know that you will be cutting hair at say ¼ inch each time, then you might want to buy the #2 blade separately.

Professionals among you will no doubt be interested in purchasing the full range of blades, as you will be changing and using them often.

New Blade Technology

Oster Classic 76 clipper blades are made of exceptional quality and designed to last many years if looked after.

Oster recently introduced the new CryogenX blades which are coated with AgION technology.

These blades contain a silver-based anti-microbial compound, making them more hygienic, protecting them from bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The blades stay cleaner, safer, and last longer.

The blades also run at approx 20 degrees cooler than the earlier versions thanks to a reduced friction design.

Not only does this ensure the blades don’t become too hot and burn the skin, but the blades will also run longer between sharpening and eventual replacement.

The Oster 76 blades are not cheap, but then again they are guaranteed to last you a very long time and are an excellent investment for your Oster clipper.

Ease of Use

Changing blades on hair clippers can often be a right, royal pain in the backside!

I’ve had clippers where you need to use a fiddly and tiny screwdriver to remove a couple of holding screws and then have to spend ages re-aligning the blades.

Not so the Oster Classic 76 blades! Changing these blades is a piece of cake..

How to Change an Oster 76 Clipper Blade

Step 1

Make sure the clipper is turned off.

Preferably unplugged at the wall and the blade is cool enough to handle.

Step 2

Take the blade at the combed end and pull it away from the clipper head. Doing so will release the holding latch.

Step 3

Hold the blade at the sides and remove it by sliding it off the guide.

Step 4

Before inserting a new blade, now’s a good time for a little house-keeping.

Clean away any loose hairs or debris from the clipper head. I find an old, hard toothbrush is ideal for this purpose.

Step 5

Turn on your clippers and slide the new blade onto the guide.

Push it toward the head of the clipper until it snaps securely into place.

Having the clipper running while you change the blade stops the metal runners from getting bent.

Bent or damaged runners could cause the blade to rattle slightly in the housing and ultimately pull at the hair whilst cutting.

Not sure what I mean? Here’s a short video to demonstrate:

It really is as easy as that and saves messing around with any tools and re-aligning blades etc.

Top Tip:

I highly recommend you buy at least 1 spare blade when you buy your hair clipper, no matter what brand.

‘Sod’s Law’ dictates that you will drop it and break the blade exactly when you need to use it most!

Having a spare blade in the draw will give you peace of mind, and will save you on shipping costs if you order with your clipper or you order more than one.


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