How To Use Beard Balm For The Best Results – Our Guide

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Beard Balm Use

The beard look is back! – Well to be honest it’s never really been away.

Only now, it comes with certain maintenance standards.

At the very least, the beard needs to be presentable and to show the owner is in control.

However, your beard should be much more than that.

There has been a steady influx of styles, professional barbers, and products, all geared to helping you create ‘your look’.

Today, we delve into one of these products and see how best you can utilize it.

Introducing Beard Balm

Beard balm is a beard dressing that serves as a styling agent and conditioner to the beard and the skin.

Without it, or at least a similar product, your beard can look dry, damaged, and unkempt.

Before getting into how to use beard balm for the best results, it is only proper that we mention the desirable results we’ll gain from its use.

Benefits of Using Beard Balm

Simplifies Grooming

Consistent use of beard balm softens the hairs, which eases combing and brushing. It enables you to tame those stray hairs and train the beard growth in the direction you prefer.

Talking of beard combs – if you haven’t yet got one – get one! Don’t overthink it, they’re just combs (for your beard). They are a must if you want to put some grooming style into your beard.

Moisturizes the Skin and Beard

Beard balm contains hydrating ingredients that supplement the skin’s regular moisture to accommodate the extra requirement of the growing beard.

It also functions as a sealant, retaining moisture for longer in the skin and hair.

Protects the Skin and Beard from Environmental Stressors

Besides forming a protective layer on the skin and beard hair, beard balm has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities that can help prevent infection and irritation.

It also shields from the damaging effect of the weather and every-day pollutants in the air, especially in cities.

Nourishment of the Beard and Skin

Beard balm replenishes used up oils and moisture, preventing the skin and beard from drying out. As a result, your beard stays healthy-looking and vitalized.

Prevention and Eradication of Beardruff

Beardruff refers to the ashy dry flakes of skin borne of exhaustion of moisture and vital oils by the growing beard.

Beard balm replenishes the oils and hydrates both the skin and hair. Its application counters the formation of beardruff in the first place.

Elimination of Itches and Irritations

These are common when growing a beard. It could be as a result of clogged pores blocking the follicles resulting in slight inflammation and causing irritation.

The best beard balms contain ingredients that unblock the pores and also serve as a hydrant to both the skin and the beard.

Pleasant Scent

Beard Balms derive their fragrance from their essential oils. They should give your beard a pleasant, mild smell – nothing too overpowering.

Viking Revolution’s Beard Balm with Sandalwood Scent has a delightful scent derived from sandalwood oil.

Plus you get to benefit from Sandalwood properties like anti-inflammation, and it’s supposed to help soothe nerves!

A Great Looking Beard

Ultimately we want a beard to be proud of and to show off to the world.

Healthy, well-nourished skin or beard is visually appealing.

There is the added bonus of a healthy glow and a fuller beard that is well-groomed with no split ends.

All this is moot unless you know how to derive the most value from your investment.

How To Get the Best Results?

Choosing the Best Balm for You

There is an ideal Beard Balm for everyone, depending on certain variables:

  • Your Environment

Cold and dry conditions demand more nourishment than hot and humid ones. The skin tends to dry out more, requiring rejuvenation with oil and moisture.

The ideal beard balm for dry conditions needs to have good moisturizing abilities and to be able to retain that moisture.

Your work environment could also dictate what type of balm you need.

If you work in an office, you want to ensure the mane is kept in check throughout the day. You need a balm that has strong holding power, so the beard keeps its shape and style.

  • Your Skin Type

Your skin type greatly influences your beard as it depends solely on the skin for nourishment.

Oily skin requires a beard balm that can unclog the pores and regulate sebum production. Natural Ingredients like jojoba oil, and avocado oil which simulate the natural sebum, can perform both functions.

You may be pre-disposed to dry or sensitive skin. This can cause flakiness and irritation.

Whatever your skin type, there are balms to suit you and your beard. You don’t need to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ product.

  • The Size of Your Beard

The larger your beard, the more nourishment it requires, and the more support you need to give your natural glands.

This means applying more oil, moisture, and the capacity to protect the beard and skin, and preserve their nutrients.

Your beard requires greater holding power to retain its shape and style.

Small to medium size beards obviously require less product. However, the skin still needs to be nourished to keep it healthy, promote growth and prevent drying and itchiness.

The highly-rated Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner is a befitting all-around beard balm and has tens of thousands of positive reviews.

  • Personal Preferences

You definitely want to infuse your personality into your look, otherwise what is the point?

Some beard balms leave a matte finish while others leave a glossy look. A higher wax ratio gives a shinier texture.

You might prefer a balm with a stronger scent. It is usually a reflection of the essential oils. Most reputable companies list their ingredients to enable you to make an informed choice.

The Viking Revolution Beard Balm with a mild citrus fragrance has been getting a lot of positive reviews and is worth checking out. It derives the scent from its mango oil extract.

As your mane grows, so do your options in terms of what you can do with it.

Complex beard styles require balms with higher holding power to handle the twists and keep it all together. These have a higher wax content.

Blend of Products

It is completely acceptable to use beard balm with other beard products like oils and waxes.

If you are using a beard balm with beard oil, you should choose a balm that has higher wax content so they can complement each other.

Apply the balm after you have applied the oil, so it seals and retains the oil for longer.

If you are using it with beard wax, then choose a balm that has a higher oil to wax ratio and apply it before you apply the wax.

The oil needs to get to the beard and scalp before the wax is applied. Wax is mainly for styling but also serves to retain moisture and nutrients.

Always Use Natural Ingredients

Synthetic components like petroleum jelly prevent the skin from breathing, clog the pores, and block the nutrients from getting to the hairs, resulting in drying and splitting.

Choose beard balms that have ingredients derived from nature.

Whichever skin type or beard type you have, Mother Nature has products that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Don’t settle for cheap, synthetic gunk, your beard won’t thank you for it!

How to Apply Your Beard Balm Correctly

You’ve gone to the trouble of choosing the best balm for your beard. Now you need to apply it properly to get the best results.

Here’s a great video by ‘Dan C Bearded’ giving a master class on beard balm application:

  • Rinse the beard (and skin) with warm water to remove dirt and dead skin cells, and open up the pores to absorb the product.

Occasionally or as need be, you can incorporate a mild soap or beard shampoo.

A face scrub product is also a good idea to use once a week, in order to remove dead skin cells.

  • Pat dry the beard with a towel until it is damp but not dripping wet. The product can’t be absorbed if the hair is wet, and it ends up a slimy mess.
  • Comb the beard to remove any knots, dead skin, and loose hair. The straightened mane is also easy to manipulate when applying the balm.
  • Scoop a thumbnail size amount of beard balm and rub it in between your palms until it emulsifies.
  • Start applying at the root hairs on your neck, progressing towards your chin, all the while ensuring you get to the skin underneath. Start again at the sideburns going down the front to the tip of the beard, always maintaining contact with the skin.
  • Ensure the Balm is evenly spread throughout the length of the beard. Pay close attention to the beard tips as they are the oldest hairs, furthest away from the sebaceous glands.

You can add more beard balm if required. Start small and build up instead of having to wash off the excess (a complete waste).

  • Run a beard comb or brush through the beard to confirm the even distribution of the product, and style as desired.

You should apply the balm daily for desired results. Remember to rinse the beard first to remove dirt, open pores, and avoid blockage.

Once you get into a good grooming habit, you will have a great-looking beard to be proud of.


I love experimenting with beard products and have found beard balm to be a particular favorite. It gives my beard a well-groomed, smart look.

There’s a great choice of balms, with new companies joining the market all the time, all offering something a little different.

I recommend you try out a few of them to discover the best ones for you.

Just like aftershave or cologne, the scent of a balm is a big consideration for me. I often choose a balm based on the occasion i.e. for work or an evening out etc.

My current favorite is the Viking Revolution Variety Pack range.

This variety pack contains 4, 1oz tins of Sandlewood, Pine and Cedar, Bay Rum, and Clary Sage.

Okay, so you may not have a single clue what any of these smell like! Trust me, they all smell great πŸ™‚

This 100% natural balm is designed for all beard types. I can’t qualify how it works on a full beard, but certainly, for a small to mid-size one, it does the job very well.


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