How To Get The Best Shave Possible

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You obviously want to look your best at all times, and part of that grooming process is shaving every morning – sometimes we have the weekends off!

Nobody particularly likes shaving but it’s just one of those tasks that needs to be done.

shavingAnd before you decide to opt for the beard look, research has shown that men who regularly shave, have more appeal to women than those who don’t!

Good enough reason to keep at it?!

Now you might think that shaving is a simple enough task that you undertake day in, day out.

Well, it is.. but if you’re going to shave every day, you may as well do it right and get the best result you can.

Follow my 9 step shaving guide and you’ll be ‘looking the business’ in no time!

Step 1 – Razor Selection

Before you even begin to shave, it is important you have a good quality razor. A multi-blade is probably the way to go.

The more expensive named ones do perform better than the store’s own brands.

Just make sure you replace the blade as soon as you see it starting to dull and feel it tugging and pulling at your facial hair.

A blunt blade causes rashes and red blotches.

Step 2 – Cream or Gel

Depending on your skin type, you should use either a cream or a gel that is for ‘normal’ or sensitive skin.

If your skin looks very red around the neck area after shaving, try using a gel for sensitive or very sensitive skin. Also, make sure the razorblade is still sharp.

Try experimenting with both types to see what works best for your skin.

Buy a product that is Aloe Vera and vitamin-based for a soothing finish that helps protect against razor rashes and burns.

Step 3 – Never Shave as Soon as You Wake Up

It is important to give your face time to wake up and regenerate after a night’s sleep.

Your face will be slightly puffy due to fluids gravitating there during the night and your facial hair will be squashed down, which makes it harder for the razor to cut properly.

Ideally have some breakfast, then have your shower or wash before shaving.

Step 4 – Wash and Exfoliate

Make sure you splash your face with warm or hot water.

Doing so will swell the hair shaft allowing the blade to cut the hair as close down to the skin as possible.

You should also use an exfoliator every few days to remove dead skin cells and open blocked pores.

Step 5 – Use a Brush

Most men simply slap some cream or gel on their face and work it around so it covers all the areas needing shaving.

I suggest you use a shaving brush.

A brush will ensure a rich, creamy lather and will also lift the stubble away from the skin making it easier to cut. It takes the same length of time to apply and will give you a better shave.

Use as much gel or cream as necessary.

Too much cream will just hinder the cutting process, whereas too little, and the shave will be painful.

Step 6 – Shave With The Grain

I’m sure you’ve heard about shaving the same way your hair grows.

If you shave against the grain you risk razor burn, inflamed skin, red rashes, and possible ingrowing hairs.

I personally shave across the grain, from nose to ear which doesn’t cause any irritation and still gives a close finish.

Step 7 – The Shave

Use light short strokes and regularly rinse your razor in warm water to clear the debris.

Try and stretch your skin by twisting your jaw or pulling the skin down. This will tighten the skin and give a cleaner, closer cut.

Step 8 – Rinse and Pat Dry

Once you’re done, splash some cool water onto the face to get rid of any excess cream. The cool water will also close up your pores which stops dirt and dust from getting into them.

Pay dry your face rather than rub or you could inflame the skin.

Step 9 – Moisturizer

Real men moisturize! The days of splashing alcohol-based aftershave onto your face after a shave are long gone!

Not only does it sting like hell, but it also drys out the skin and causes irritation and rashes.

Even these menthol moisturizers, designed to give you a ‘cool, fresh feeling’ contain alcohol.

Instead apply an oil-free moisturizer, rich in Aloe Vera and essential nutrients. You’ll feel much better for it and your skin will look radiant and healthy-looking.


There you have it! The ultimate shave for a man who really wants to look his best.

It doesn’t take much to adjust to this new routine and the extra minute or 2 is well worth the effort.

If you have any comments or would like to share your own shaving tips, please drop them below.


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