Hair Clipper Cutting Styles and Techniques You Can Try at Home

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The basic premise of using hair clippers to cut your hair is to achieve an even cut, quickly and easily.

While this is true, you still have the ability to create many different styles and looks.

Some cuts you can perform yourself, while others will be more difficult to achieve without someone else’s help.

Hair Clipper Styles

Before you start cutting your hair, make sure you have everything you need – clippers, clipper guards, a towel or cape to cover your clothes, a mirror and preferably a swing mirror so you can see your head from all sides.

Having both hands free, makes life so much easier.

Make sure the clipper is clean and oiled. Also make sure your hair isn’t caked with gel or wax.

Preferably wash and dry the hair before you cut it. It will ensure the hair extends naturally and evenly, making the cut easier to perform.

Top Tips

Slow and Steady

Never rush your clipper cut or you will greatly increase the chance of making a mistake. Always give yourself plenty of time.

Make Sure Your Blade or Guard is Securely Fitted

If the clipper guard pops off mid cut, you could end up with a bald patch (that can only be fixed by shaving your head), so make sure your guard or blade is firmly attached to the clipper before you proceed and after you’ve made changes to the size.

Don’t Use Cheap Clippers

If there’s just one piece of advice I could give, it would be to invest in a good quality pair of clippers. You can read my reviews of the best hair clippers you should consider.

The same goes for a trimmer. The Andis T-Outliner is my top choice.

Together they might cost well over a hundred bucks, but they’ll last you for years, as well as giving you an excellent, professional finish.

Plus you’ll recoup the cost back very soon once you stop paying to go to the barbers.

Regular Cuts

To keep a sharp, smart looking cut, buzz your head about every two weeks – this will make it much easier to maintain.

Clipper Cutting Styles

Once you’re all set, it’s time to decide what hair style you will be creating.

Before you start experimenting with modern, creative styles, you should first learn the basic cuts as described and shown in these step by step guides below.

The Buzz Cut

The Flat Top

flat-top-hairstyle dulf lundrum


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