Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer Review

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If you think a nose hair trimmer is for ‘old’ people, then think again!

Being well-groomed and looking your best includes ensuring you have no unsightly nose or ear hair.

Using a nose/hair trimmer alongside your other personal, grooming products should be part of your routine.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Nose and ear hair is a common problem that happens to us guys when we hit the 30+ age and undergo hormonal changes.

Without warning, you’ll wake up one day, look in the mirror, and notice hair sprouting out of your nose and ears!

Although there’s nothing we can do to prevent the aging process, being well-groomed keeps us looking younger and definitely more attractive to the opposite sex.

Trust me, ladies do not want to see unsightly hair growing out of your ears and nose, like an old potato!

The Best Way to Get Rid of Nose and Ear Hair

If you’ve ever tried to pull nose hairs out with your fingers, you’ll know that it hurts like hell! And if they are at the length where you are able to grab hold of them, they’re already too long.

Also pulling them out by the root won’t prevent them from coming back either. Plus you could damage the delicate lining inside your nostril that could cause small lesions, leading to infection.

The alternative is to use a pair of cuticle scissors and trim them.

Again this can work, but no matter how careful you are, you nearly always end up stabbing or cutting yourself.

Luckily the solution is simple..

Get yourself a decent nose hair trimmer and spend no more than a few seconds every few days, tidying up any protruding hairs.

A nose trimmer is safe, painless, and quicker than any other method. It also doubles up as an ear trimmer and does the job just as well.

Myth: Ear and nose hair will grow back thicker and faster once you trim it.

Nose hair trimmers work in 2 different ways: Some trimmers feature a rotating blade that spins round in a continuous direction, while other trimmers work with an oscillating blade that rotates from side to side.

Both types work extremely well and are safe and painless!

A good model like the Platinum XL will set you back less than 20 bucks and will last for years. There are plenty of others to choose from, but they range from ‘pretty useless’, to ‘not too bad’.

Due to the low entry price for these trimmers, there’s no excuse not to get the best one out there. Anything less is a false economy.

I was going to review the top 3 best nose trimmers currently available. But to be honest there’s just no point.

In my honest opinion, based on research and personal use, there is only one model worth considering..The Groom Mate Platinum XL

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair TrimmerThe Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair trimmer by Groom Mate is quite simply the best nose and ear hair trimmer on the market.

I use this trimmer all the time – and love it!

Here’s why..

The Groom Mate company has made and refined this model for over 10 years.

They are so confident that you’ll be absolutely delighted with the results, they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with them.

Now that’s a pretty bold statement in anyone’s language and it fills you with a lot of confidence when purchasing it.

I’ve been using mine for over 3 years now and couldn’t be happier with it.

It’s as simple a design as you can get, and it works!

What more do you want?!!


  • Made from 100% stainless steel and virtually indestructible.
  • Manual operation, so no need to buy batteries or charge it up from the mains.
  • Perfect to pack in a wash bag and take away with you. (3.1 x 0.5 inches; 1.4 ounces)
  • Uses a patented rotary blade system that is guaranteed to never dull and to never pull or yank out nostril hairs.
  • Includes an unconditional lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee if not satisfied.


Here’s a video demonstrating the features and design of the Platinum XL:

How to Use the Platinum XL

It couldn’t be easier.

First of all, you need both hands.

Insert the trimmer about 1/8th of an inch into your nostril or ear.

With your other hand rotate the base of the handle left and right.

That’s it.

It sounds like a primitive operation, but often the most successful products are the simple ones, and this works like a dream!


There is no maintenance involve other than cleaning the trimmer. Simply wash the head under a running tap after use.

It’s stainless steel, so will never rust.

In fact, it will probably last longer than you!


Forget the cheap and nasty nose trimmers you see in stores.

You won’t be happy with the results and you will only have to buy something else.

Save yourself the hassle and go get the Platinum XL.


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