Cool Barber Capes, Jackets and Aprons – For Home And Professional Use

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Man wearing a cool barber cape

Barber Capes, Jackets, and Aprons are must-have accessories in the haircutting industry, or if you’re cutting hair at home.

Without them, you’ll get a boatload of hair all over yourself and the customer. Not good.

A barber’s appearance, including how they are dressed is extremely important and is often overlooked in the industry.

Your attire is your brand image. It’s how you want people to see you, and your business.

Despite our more relaxed attitudes to clothing and appearance, looking professional should be an absolute must.

And with the vast number of professional barber capes, jackets, and aprons out there, there’s no excuse not to.

Barber Cape v Haircutting Cape v Barber Apron v Barber Jacket – What Are The Differences?

There are only 2 differences really:

1. A barber cape is the same as a haircutting cape.

It is a cape that goes over the person that is receiving the haircut to prevent hair from falling onto their clothes. (You knew that right!)

2. A barber apron is similar to a barber jacket. They are protective clothing the barber wears to keep hairs and hair products from their clothes.

An apron and jacket normally have front pockets to store items such as combs and scissors, for easy access.

Barber Cape

What Makes a Good Barber Cape?

  • Material
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Style

The material of a barber cape doesn’t need to be expensive leather or cloth.

In fact, a simple, polyester material is better for cleaning, wiping, brushing, and washing.

An anti-wrinkle and anti-static material is a good choice too.

It doesn’t look very professional if you use a cape that sticks to the client and is creased.

An adjustable neck is essential for comfort and to keep hairs from falling down the back or onto clothing.

Neck strips are often used when cutting hair to completely seal the gap between the neck and upper body.

Barber Cape Designs

No one remembers what their barber cape looked like after they’ve had a haircut. That’s because they are usually boring black, cheap capes – instantly forgettable.

A really cool design will get noticed, even on a subconscious level.

It shows you’ve put some thought, effort, and little-more money into your business.

People like that.

With the number of people cutting their own hair on the rise, a barber cape is also a useful addition to have at home.

This where you can ‘go to town’ on the look and style of your cape.

Instead of boring black, why not choose a really cool and funky barber cape design.

There are dozens of custom-made and designer capes to choose from.

You can even get your own logo printed on them.

Here are a few cool designs you might like:

Professional Barber Apron

A barber jacket or barber apron is worn by the barber/hairstylist.

It serves 3 purposes:

  1. It represents you and your brand/image.
  2. It enables you to store your tools-of-the-trade, in easy-to-access front pockets.
  3. It stops hairs from getting onto your clothes.

Why would you not get yourself a good quality apron?

A barber automatically looks more professional when they wear one.

What Makes a Good Barber Apron?

  • Material
  • Size
  • Pockets
  • Quality
  • Brand awareness

Unlike the thin, polyester-style capes, a barber should wear an apron made from good quality material such as leather or cotton canvas. Even a hard-wearing polyester apron works well.

Obviously, you need to ensure you get the right size for you or your team. It’s usually better to go one size larger than you normally go for.

Make sure it has enough pockets to store what you need such as scissors, a duster, combs, clips etc.

A good quality apron will last a long time, so don’t go for a cheap option. If you look the part, you’ll install confidence in your clients.

Here are the best barber aprons..

Custom Made Barber Aprons

If you’ve got a barbershop or salon with its own logo or design, then why not emboss that onto your apron?

Get a custom-made/personalized barber apron that really stands out and promotes your brand.

You can even get them tailor-made, with pockets sizes, positions, material etc.


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