What To Look For When Buying A Beard Trimmer

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A well-styled and trimmed beard or goatee, not only looks good, it shows people you take pride in your appearance.

You should spend a few minutes at least twice a week, trimming and sculpting your facial hair.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a full beard to manage or you just want a neat, sharp finish, a reliable trimmer can really enhance your look.

They don’t have to cost a fortune, so be good to yourself and buy a decent one. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

I’ve gone through a number of different trimmers over the years, and they’ve given me varying results – ranging from ‘terrible’ to the near perfect.

Just like a good hair clipper, buying a cheap trimmer is a false economy.

Sure you can pick one up from a store for just a few bucks. Even a half-decent one for 20-30 dollars.

However, these models are cheap for a reason.

They are made from cheap plastic, use cheap blades, and have (at best) an average motor.

Not only will the trimmer not cut as well, but it will also probably last you a fraction of the time.

The Blade

Yep, it will definitely need a blade!

A cheap blade will not be as sharp, and will not be made of strong metal.

It could leave you with burns and rashes, as the blade tugs at the skin rather than slices through the bottom of the hair.

As long as it’s at least stainless steel, you can’t go far wrong.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust and will last a long time.

Titanium blades are also becoming a popular choice.

As with stainless steel, titanium blades don’t rust and are extremely hard-wearing.

The Motor

It is essential the motor not only delivers good power to the trimmer blade but has no drop in performance.

You shouldn’t have a problem with any of the top-of-the-range beard trimmers. Their motors need to be ‘reliable’ more than the ‘most powerful’.

Build Quality

Every trimmer is slightly different, and so is the quality. You need to think about things such as:

  • What the trimmer housing is made from. Is it cheap plastic, or made from valox? (a toughened hard-wearing plastic resin)
  • Are the blades guaranteed to stay sharp and strong?
  • Does it have any known reliability issues?
  • Will you be using the trimmer on a daily or every other day basis?

Accessories / Features

The accessories or additional features of a beard trimmer are usually what separates the cheap models from the more expensive ones.

  • You can now get laser-guided trimmers to help you with real precision cutting.
  • Trimmers can have vacuums so that you aren’t left with facial hair all-around your bathroom sink.
  • They can be corded or cordless.
  • They may come in a nice stand that also acts as a charger.
  • They may have a carry case or pouch.
  • Trimmers can have attachments that turn them into eyebrow trimmers, or ear and nose trimmers.

The list goes on and will continue to grow with each newer model.

You’ve got to decide what is important to you.

You might want all these extra features, or you might just want a simple, reliable trimmer without any extras or gimmicks.

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