Choosing the Best Manscaping Trimmer: 8 Things To Consider

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Best manscaping trimmer

Manscaping has clearly evolved from shaving the head, traveling south below the neck, and becoming a full-body care routine.

More people are embracing this grooming culture for reasons ranging from fashion, religion, spousal pressure, medical reasons, or just to feel good about themselves.

Manscaping techniques are also more advanced.

Nowadays you can remove unwanted hair using depilatories (a cosmetic preparation to remove hair from the skin), electrolysis, sugaring, waxing, cutting, trimming, and shaving.

Of the two do-it-yourself methods above (trimming and shaving), trimming is probably the safest and easiest.

Using a razor is often the ‘go to’ method, but it can be hard on the skin, creating a lot of friction and possible cuts and irritation.

If you are contemplating the ‘new world’ of manscaping or have been doing it without settling on a routine, consider this article your induction guide.

I’ve got some great info and tips on what to look for in a trimmer as well as some recommended manscaping trimmers.

In a hurry?

My top recommendation (by a long way) for a complete body trimmer is the Philips Bodygroomer BG7030/49.

Qualities To Consider In A Trimmer

The following are a few qualities to keep in mind when choosing the best manscaping trimmer.


Whether it is plugged in or cordless.

  • Plugged in trimmers should possess a long enough cord to reach all desired body parts.
  • For cordless trimmers confirm if the battery is rechargeable. If it is not, go for long battery life. If it is, then try to get the longest run time for the charging duration you can.

Strength and Speed

Pubic hairs are tough and scraggly, yet they are located in the very sensitive groin area.

The ideal trimmer for such regions should be powerful and fast enough to cut the hair without pulling; otherwise, it may result in painful nicks and snags – we’ve all been there right?! These may even lead to infection.

The Manscaped’s Lawn Mower 3.0 has a motor with 7,000 RPM torque which makes it fast enough to cut and slice without pulling.

It can still hold power for up to 90 minutes, which, let’s face it, is more than enough for one sitting. It has skin-safe technology to protect your family jewels.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 (which despite its crap name) markets itself as the “newest and latest in below-the-waist trimming”.

I’ve yet to take it for a test run, but judging by the feedback it seems to do the job. The price point is low enough to take a punt, especially if it’s as good as it claims.


Manscaping involves trimming and sculpting hair from different body parts with separate logistics.

The hair on your head is not the same as the hair on your chest, nose, armpit, or pubic hair.

The nose and ears are also not as accessible as the chest. These require different blades and lengths.

Since it is not practical to buy a separate trimmer for all body parts, a trimmer that allows you to make these adjustments makes life much easier.

The minimalist functionalities of the Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 means whilst you have fewer parts to lose, you also haven’t got accessories to trim your ears and nose hairs.

Not a problem in my book because of how well the Multigroom 7000 performs in all over areas. Plus you can buy a tool specifically designed to trim your nose and ear hair.

If you really want a tool to cover all the bases, then Philips has come up trumps again.

Still part of their 7000 series, they have a trimmer for the beard, head, body, and face. The Norelco MG7791/40 Multi Groomer is great for manscaping from the waist up.

It has 29 separate pieces for all body parts, including a rotary nose and ear trimmer.

Although it is a multi-groomer, there isn’t any information about using it to trim your groin area.

So I emailed Philips and asked them to clarify this.

Here’s their reply: “We advise using the Philips Norelco Muligroom (MG7791/40) with caution when not used on the face or neck”.

So basically don’t use it on your balls!

It’s still a great machine and has a really neat bag to store all the attachments in. It even has dual voltage, so perfect for traveling.

Recommended: Philips Norelco Multigroom (MG7791/40)

Effective in Reaching All Areas?

With a good mirror or 2, we can reach most of our ‘hairy areas’. However, some trimmers are more capable than others when it comes to reaching the far-flung nooks and crannies of our bodies.

This flexibility is well embodied by the highly recommended Man Groomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver.

The extendable handle ensures the blades reach where you are usually constrained, and an extra-wide back groomer blade (1.8 inches) for trimming larger patches with fewer strokes.

However, for the money, you can’t go wrong with the Bakblade 2.0, as shown here. I like it because it’s simple and does the job exceptionally well.

Check out my review of the Bakblade 2.0

Whether it is Waterproof

This basically means you can trim in the shower.

By why would you, really?

When you’re wet, all your hairs stick to your skin, making it far more difficult to cut them.

You’re better off using your trimmer in the shower so that you don’t have body hair all over the bathroom floor. Then you simply take a shower!

It also means the blades and trimmer can be cleaned in the shower – nice and easy.

The Type of Blade

Several factors to be considered here: Ease of maintenance, durability, how sharp it is, whether it is hypoallergenic, and what mechanism it employs to shave.

Stainless steel is generally preferred as it hardy, durable, and does not rust, preventing skin irritation.

Others have ceramic blades which do not heat, so they can be used for longer without irritating the skin.

Either of the two is fine.

Ergonomic Design

It is ergonomic if it has been adjusted to enable you to use it efficiently and comfortably without strain.

Also, consider if it overcomes your natural limitations like enabling you to reach areas you couldn’t reach otherwise.

Trimmers come with non-slip rubber handles that are easy to hold, lean shapes that fit the hand, adjustable blades, handles and extensions.

The BAKblade Grooming Company’s BAKblade 2.0 has a retractable, easy to grip, 18-inch handle that fits nicely in your hand as you cut through your Silverback hair!

Your Budget

Like any product – do your research (that’s why you’re here right?!) and don’t opt for the cheapest option. It will always let you down.

All the mid to high-end trimmers come with a guarantee and warranty. Plus if you buy through Amazon you know you can get your money back if doesn’t meet your expectations.

So there’s every reason to get the best manscaping trimmer for your needs.

My Top Pick – Philips Norelco BG7030/49 Bodygroom Series 7000

The new and very impressive Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 has an 80 minute run-time after a 1-hour charge, giving it a decent run-to-charging time ratio.

It is an absolute belter of a body trimmer, which has been designed incredibly well.

It can cut, trim, sculpt and thin out your entire body hair, with ease.

Read its features below, then read some of the thousands of positive reviews it is getting.

The Bodygroom 7000 literally ticks every single box for me (even the price point).

Here’s a somewhat strange, non-speaking video, showing the trimmer in action:

The Manscaping Routine

Once you’ve decided on your trimmer, how do you go about achieving that desired look?

Your Head

The hair on your head is a whole other topic. However, there’s lot’s of other hair on our head area:

Eyebrows – bushy brows are not a good look. At the very least you should be thining them using a trimmer. Adjust the length of the blade or use a trimming guard.

Nose – Occasionally your nose hairs may project out of the nose which is both uncomfortable and unsightly. This needs to be reduced by a dedicated trimmer; pulling them out is a recipe for disaster.

Ears – Ear hairs are functional in that they trap dirt and prevent infection. But hell – who wants to see hair sprouting out of your ears?! You need to trim them (often) using a dedicated trimmer.

Your Midsection

Chest – You will adjust the blade or use a blade guard that suits how close to the skin you want the hair.

Abdomen – Pretty much repeat what you did for the chest to achieve an even look.

Back – If you are doing it yourself, you will want to get a trimmer with a long, adjustable handle and head that is flexible to adjust to those contours you can’t see, for the best finish.

Armpits – Underarm hair prevents irritation occasioned by skin-to-skin friction. However, too much of it is unattractive and harbors bacteria that produce body odor. You should, therefore, shed the excess hair.

The Philips Norelco One Blade Face and Body Trimmer is suitable for the sensitive underarm and the body generally as it does not shave too close to the skin.

It also has rounded tips and glide coating which protect the skin from irritation.

The Junk

Your groin section is very sensitive, yet you mostly avoid talking about it. Well, it harbors some of your most precious assets and should get the attention it requires.

This region comprises the pubic hair, upper thigh hair, shaft of your penis, and ball-sack hair.

We will not waste time telling you to be careful as it is a natural instinct. Still, exercise caution!

Trim in the same direction as the pubic hair (along the grain) to avoid lifting up hair which may lead to nicks, cuts, and general irritation. Make the skin tight to get all the hairs.

Final Thoughts

Manscaping is different for everyone, and you don’t have to get rid of all your body hair to pass the bar; some of it is actually useful.

Decide what works for you and choose the best tools for the job.

If you want to look and feel as good as possible (don’t we all?) then an all-over grooming program should be an ongoing process.


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